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Why Employers Need an HR Lawyer

The contract of employment is unlike ordinary commercial relationships. Employment relationships are characterized by inequality of bargaining power between an employer and employee. As well, work is, in the words of the Honourable Justice Iacobucci, “one of the most fundamental aspects of a person’s life”.

The central importance of work, coupled with an employer’s leverage, puts employees in a vulnerable position. Countless statutes seek to level the playing field by creating minimum standards and expectations for employment. Courts lean towards employee interests, given their inherent vulnerability, creating additional obligations for employers to adhere to, especially at the time of termination.

Every organization with employees should engage a lawyer with expertise in employment and labour law. At BLPC we guide employers through the complexity of employment standards, human rights and legal proceedings. Our proactive advice allows employers to avoid costly HR issues before they arise and to minimize liability when they do. Unlike HR consultants, our advice is privileged and never subject to disclosure.

BLPC client Nathaniel says:

“… Rishi has proven to be invaluable to our company. He consistently provides professional and friendly service at fair rates. Rishi’s advice in handling various employment matters has resulted in substantial financial savings to our company. Rishi has become our voice of reason… We fully trust his advice and take comfort in knowing that any problems we encounter are handled by a competent and knowledgeable professional. Rishi truly goes the “extra mile” in providing superior service.”


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Union Certifications

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Labour Board Appeals


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Why work with BLPC?

We only practice employment and labour law.

Employers can be assured that the advice they receive is up to date and well informed by the relevant legal principles. We do not strive to be the lowest cost law firm, but we also don’t charge the rates that employers will pay to a Bay Street law firm. Our sweet spot is small to medium sized employers. At BLPC, calls and emails are always returned the same day and employers receive the right advice at the right time.


See What Our Clients Have to Say

“Over the past few years, Rishi has proven to be invaluable to our company. He consistently provides professional and friendly service at fair rates. Rishi’s advice in handling various employment matters has resulted in substantial financial savings to our company. Rishi has become our voice of reason; he listens to our concerns and calmly walks us through our options. We fully trust his advice and take comfort in knowing that any problems we encounter are handled by a competent and knowledgeable professional. Rishi truly goes the “extra mile” in providing superior service.”



“Rishi has been a trusted advisor to our company for 7 years. During that time, he has looked after our interest with integrity, efficiency, and timeliness. He has always been easy to reach and quick to respond. I value his clear and concise communications style. More than an effective litigator on our behalf, he has helped us to negotiate out of difficult situations and avoid expensive litigation.”



“Dr. Green Services has been using Rishi’s services since 2012 and we have been very happy so far. Rishi has represented Dr. Green on a broad range of employment related issues and has proven himself to be a leading voice in his field. He has delivered better than expected results on multiple occasions and we trust his advice and judgment.”



“Rishi provides us with timely, clear and expert advice regarding employment law matters. He always has our best business interests at heart and is a strong and persuasive advocate. It is good to have Rishi on our team.”



“The business of employment law is tough. It would appear there is an inherent conflict in putting all aspects of a client’s interest first, and being financially rewarded, either through a long-drawn case or repeat business. Therefore, it is inspiring when one encounters Rishi, a skilled attorney who delivers professional work of the highest quality, while retaining his objectivity, integrity and most importantly, his heart in his work.”



“The one thing you learn right after meeting Rishi, is his genuine interest in getting to know what your needs are. He has taken time to understand the early learning and care industry and the complexities that are unique to the field. When it was time to reassess some significant human resources documents for our organization he gave us invaluable legal advice in relation to labour matters. He is responsive to our questions, shows integrity in his work ethics and is always open to our questions, no matter how big or small. Working with Rishi gives me peace of mind in that I can consult and receive a knowledgeable and timely answer on issues regarding our workforce. Rishi is our “go to” when we need legal advice.”


Executive Director

“As an employer with 40+ employees, navigating Ontario’s employment and labour laws has been challenging at times. Since 2018, Rishi has provided us with counsel and representation with respect to employee relation matters. He has guided us through complex and restrictive amendments to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act, which improved our human resources functions. He advised and effectively represented us through collective bargaining negotiations – a process we had not been through before. We value Rishi’s advice and representation, particularly during this uncertain and rapidly evolving time created by COVID-19. He is friendly, available when we need him, explains the law to us in a way that is easy to digest and provides us with practical and value added advice concerning our legal obligations towards employees. We have no hesitation in recommending Rishi to growing or established businesses.”


Business Owner

“Rishi provided me legal counsel for our Canadian office locations. We handled many difficult employee issues including union based site shutdowns, complicated litigation matters with employees and former employees and he provided counsel on policy development and administration. Rishi’s advice and counsel was always given with the best intentions for our business. His guidance was aligned to ensure a positive outcome for us with a ‘running the business’ philosophy. If the opportunity presented itself again I would utilize Rishi’s services as his knowledge level, guidance and advice was invaluable to me as an HR professional.”


VP Human Resources

“Rishi is an excellent attorney and has been wonderful to work with. He is a clear communicator, keeping the client well-informed throughout every step of the process. Although practical, Rishi can be aggressive (though professional) when needed to obtain a better result. He is extremely knowledgeable and very responsive to clients, quickly putting the client at ease no matter what the crisis of the day. Our company was using Rishi before I arrived, and it’s easy to see why.”


Chief People Officer

“Rishi Bandhu was a beacon of hope to my family at a time when our options appeared limited after being accused of false claims. I hired Rishi to represent myself and my ageing parents and I couldn’t be happier with our decision. He was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. His calm and empathetic demeanour gave my parents the stress-free reassurance that we were in good hands and we are grateful for his service and I would highly recommend Rishi without reservation.”

Tom Pischel


Rishi has been providing services to Vision Transportation Inc. and its related companies since 2013. Working in both federal and provincial jurisdictions can be challenging, but Rishi provides us with steady and sound guidance when we need advice and, occasionally, legal representation. Rishi is always responsive, strategic and practical with his advice. I would have no trouble recommending Rishi to anyone who employs individuals in Ontario under provincial or federal laws.

T. D’Attoma


“I first met Rishi about 15 years ago, where as a junior lawyer he helped the temporary agency I owned at the time deal with an employee issue. Rishi and I lost touch for a number of years, but I never forgot his common sense litigation approach which helped us resolve the issue satisfactorily and allowed us to get back to business. I reached out to Rishi again a couple years ago and since then he has helped BOSS Staffing proactively address HR related issues to avoid costly issues. We’re glad to have Rishi on speed dial!”

BOSS Staffing

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